Business Services

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Business Services

We assist businesses with a variety of services. Including:

  • Buy/Sell Arrangements
  • Keyman Insurance
  • Executive Bonus Plans
  • Legal Shield to protect your business
  • Cost Reduction Audits

Every business understands delegation. Agape Benefits offers a variety of services to serve your business needs. If you need HR Help all of our benefit packages come with a customized portal for employees so they can access their benefits (summary, plan cost and carriers). By the way there is no extra cost for this portal.

A Buy/Sell Arrangement is critical to have in place especially if you have partners in your business. A buy-sell arrangement can be funded with life insurance. In a cross-purchase plan, each business partner purchases a life insurance plan on each of the other partners. Each business partner will pay the premium and will be the owner and beneficiary of that specific policy written on the partner’s life.  The question you need to ask is do you want to work with the wife of your partner or their kids if your partner is absent? Perhaps they have no interest in being your partner or perhaps you are not in favor of them being a partner. If this is the case you should consider a Buy/Sell arrangement funded by life insurance by Agape Benefits.

Keyman Insurance is a type of insurance policy used for small businesses. These policies are crafted to compensate the business when a key person passes away or becomes disabled and can no longer fulfill their main role. The question you need to ask yourself is if a keyman or key woman is absent from your business due to death or disability how would your business be impacted? Planning for this can be critical for your business, and is considerably affordable. The protection can be funded by life insurance by Agape Benefits.

Would you like to offer special compensation to key executives in your company. An Executive Bonus Plan is a perfect way to accomplish this. This is a non-qualified plan utilized by employers to reward special compensato to key employees or executives. The contributions made by the employer are considered salary to that employee or executive and will be subject to appropriate taxation.

Legal Shield Protection for your business is vital. So is having options. We offer three levels of legal protection for different sizes of small businesses. That way, you only pay for what you need. For simplicity we will start with a few quick questions. Do you have a will, living will, power of attorney, healthcare power of attorney set up for your assets and family? Are you interested in Trademarking a portion of your business like a phrase or business name?

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what our legal plans cover for business.

  • Letters or Phone Calls
  • Document Review
  • Collection Letters
  • IRS Audit Legal Services

LegalShield’s Small Business Legal Plans provide access to a provider law firm in your state to assist your business with a wide variety of business legal matters, for a low monthly subscription cost.

60% of small businesses have experienced a significant legal issue in the last 2 years.*


LegalShield’s most popular small business plan is only $49/month and gives you access to an entire network of experienced lawyers that can help you with anything from a quick question about hiring or firing an employee to complex lease negotiations.

*Source: Decision Analyst and LegalShield, “The Legal Needs of Small Business,”  Small Business Survey, May 2013.

A Cost Reduction Audit will save you company money! Are you overpaying for services each month? We know you are busy running your day to day operations. That is why we offer a Cost Reduction Audit of a variety of your expenses that you pay for each month. We have found that many of the healthcare clients we have can save enough money at times to even pay for a huge part of their healthcare. There is no cost upfront for us to start an audit for your business. We aim to help you reduce your monthly expenses and help you succeed.

Contact us today to set up a discovery call. We are always available.